The government of Libya announced the cessation of hostilities

The government of Libya announced the cessation of hostilities

The government of national accord (GNA) of Libya has announced the rejection of a military solution to the conflict in the country. This is reported by Anadolu.

It is noted that the NTC immediately begins to observe the ceasefire and suspends all military operations on the territory of Libya. In particular, government supporters want to achieve the demilitarization of Sirte and al-Jufra. The country’s authorities believe that this will stop foreign intervention and stop the intervention of mercenaries. The NTC also called for presidential and parliamentary elections in March 2021.

In turn, earlier, the speaker of the Libyan Parliament, who is on the side of the rebel field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, Aguila Saleh also called on all sides to immediately cease fire. In his opinion, the truce will make the city of Sirte a temporary place for the new presidential Council.

Earlier, Turkey, Qatar and the NTC of Libya signed an agreement on the establishment of a Turkish naval base in the Libyan city of Misrata. The agreement will establish a trilateral military coordination center in Misrata, as well as training centers and headquarters for PNS fighters in Doha.

At the end of June, it became known that Russian mercenaries had invaded the largest Libyan oil field in al-Sharara. The United States and the national oil Corporation of Libya (NOC) expressed their outrage over this and said that the actions of PMCs directly threaten the sovereignty and welfare of Libya.

Turkey actively supports the NTC of Libya, which is one of the two largest political forces in the country. In the East, the city of Tobruk is home to a Parliament supported by Haftar’s Libyan national army. Since 2011, the country has experienced a situation of dual power, which began after the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi, who ruled since 1969.